If a tree falls …

If I create a blog on the internet and it has no readers (other than me), then does it still exist ? Such is my dilemma. Here I am spewing out my stories and creativity and it feels like I’m shouting out into the wind in the middle of Kansas (nothing personal against Kansas).

So lets talk about what the big deal is with these ‘Zen’ questions.

Q: The sound of two hands is a clap. What is the sound of one hand ?

A: A slap.

Q: If you can kill two birds with one stone, how many birds can you kill with no stone ?

A: You shouldn’t be killing birds, cause if you are then you have deeper problems than lack of enlightenment.

Q: Is trying to figure out the answer to such questions the path to enlightenment ?

A: If you are trying to answer that question, then I’m afraid you have miles to go before you sleep grasshopper.

There is a certain joy in anonymity. I can create without criticism. I can criticize without interruptions. My own little blogverse. But games are no fun playing alone. Its fun to play with others. This blog is my announcement to the blogworld, that I am joining the fray. Add my voice to the countless others.

Q: How many monkeys randomly typing does it take to create a passage from Shakespeare.

A: One. His name was Shakespeare. So little monkey(s) if you’re done reading this post, then go hit some keys.

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