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Legalize this !

A Quiet Shift in Mexico’s Drug War | The New York Review of Books. Another day, another wonderful blog discovery. This one though on an ugly political reality – the criminalization of marijuana and the resulting carnage in Latin America … Continue reading

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And so it begins … climate change that is

Even now there are doubters and cynics who feel quantum computing will never happen or that climate change is a hoax. For the rest of us, the following article reports just one more stark milestone on the path towards global … Continue reading

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The “Vast Right-Wing Conpiracy” Revealed

The billionaire Koch brothers’ war against Obama : The New Yorker. A very well researched article on the relationship between Koch Industries and the various Tea Party organizations such as Americans for Prosperity. Jane Mayer is not shy about revealing … Continue reading

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The tyranny of publishing houses

What justification do companies such as Elsevier have for putting some of the most important papers in theoretical physics of the past half century behind pay firewalls? None, whatsoever. Take for example the following paper by Edward Witten, written in … Continue reading

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