Legalize this !

A Quiet Shift in Mexico’s Drug War | The New York Review of Books.

Another day, another wonderful blog discovery. This one though on an ugly political reality – the criminalization of marijuana and the resulting carnage in Latin America and Mexico. What happens south of the US border, does not stay south of the US border. Perhaps it is too late to prevent the epidemic violence from spreading over into the southern border states of Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas. But there might still be time for American policy makers to come to their senses regarding what, in less ideologically restrictive quarters, is considered a miracle plant – cannabis. There are plenty of movements afoot in various US states calling for full or partial legalization of cannabis. However in the absence of an over-arching Federal policy favoring a rational, as opposed to a fear and propaganda based, approach to this issue, the chances that the Mexican malaise will soon begin to infest America are all too real. Organized crime is a far greater social threat than bedbugs and far more dangerous for the health of a democratic nation.

What is interesting is that a substance which, as has been conclusively demonstrated by multiple studies over the years, is less lethal and addictive than either tobacco or alcohol lies at the root of the greatest national security threat to the United States. Of course it is not the substance that is to blame, but the nexus of corporate greed, religious ideology and race-based politics which is responsible for this fiasco of gigantic proportions.

A hundred years from now, the present restrictions on marijuana will be seen in a similar light as the Catholics campaigns against freedom of religion during the inquisition, or the countless other irrational, unscientific restrictions on various practices by repressive regimes throughout the world. Our ancestors will doubtless laugh at our folly for rejecting instead of embracing a life-giving plant and if we do not act soon perhaps they will have more cause for tears than laughter.

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2 Responses to Legalize this !

  1. Peter Reynolds says:

    They used to say that cannabis made white women promiscuous with black men. They keep coming up with more and more nonsense all the time.

    Look at this story. Thank God that doctors and scientists are beginning to stand up for the truth:

  2. Deepak says:

    Hi Peter,

    That is a nice story. After a while all they’ll be left with is “Smoking Pot is a sin against God”, at which point you know they’ve lost.


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