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The dangers of closed source code

An excerpt from an excellent blog post about the weaknesses of the flash player installed in every browser on every PC in the world – except for the ones who don’t watch Youtube, and how many is that again? Snow … Continue reading

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Wiretap this !

Police work, good old-fashioned police work, seems to have fallen out of favor of today’s bureaucrats who would much rather eavesdrop on any conversation they wish to at the click of a button. There is the news from the US … Continue reading

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“Over and Over, like a monkey with a miniature symbol

…. the joy of repetition is really in you.” Or so it would seem with the conduct of US policy in Afghanistan. Counterterrorist Pursuit Team: 3,000 Man CIA Paramilitary Force Hunts Militants In Afghanistan, Pakistan First they train the Mujahideen … Continue reading

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Good news on the Foreclosure front

It appears that in the rush towards securitization of mortgages and other crucial investments, the big players created a weak system whose critical legal shortcomings may ultimately undermine any claims they may have on millions of homes nationwide. There is … Continue reading

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The Fruits of Our Labors

Yellow, Black, and Blues § SEEDMAGAZINE.COM. In this beautifully written article Joe Kloc examines the history of the honey bee and possible reasons behind the so-called Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) which has affected a large percentage of the worlds honey … Continue reading

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Barack Strikes Back

YouTube – Weekly Address: The Republican Corporate Power Grab. If this guy was hoping for corporate donations then he just shot himself in the foot … big-time. Ha. Just kidding.

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Storm in a “Tea” Cup

For those who fear a Republican landslide in this November’s mid-term elections let me recall some words from Obama’s 2009 Inaugural address: What the cynics fail to understand is that the ground has shifted beneath them—that the stale political arguments … Continue reading

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