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Its Fight Club all over again

Banks at it again. This thing is like a hydra, a many headed monster. Seriously, at this stage the only visible solution is for these big banks – BoA, JPMorgan, Citi, and a few others – to be taken apart … Continue reading

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Bush is gone, but the police-state tactics endure

Another day, more revelations. Apparently the FBI raided raided the homes and offices of anti-war activists in Minneapolis in late September. Much like the Craig Grimes case this story seems to have slipped past the media. Well, maybe we never … Continue reading

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Copyrighting Insanity

So this recent blog post on Tech Review had me scratching my head in puzzlement. To quote from this very illuminating post’s bottomline: the DOJ is publicly expressing dissatisfaction with a revised settlement between Google and publishers, a settlement it … Continue reading

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Predators in the House

Nothing about these developments is particularly surprising. The world is not built around some human notions of fairness and justice as some might naively hope. Instead it is all about the survival of the hungriest, fiercest and most cunning. Along … Continue reading

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The fractal beauty of life

Benoit Mandelbrot, mathematician, scientist, troublemaker, passed away today at the age of 86. One of my greatest inspirations as a child, he had the courage and insight to look for new laws and new forms of organization in the messiest … Continue reading

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I, Incompetent ?, Spy

Apart from all the constitutional and privacy issues regarding such activities by federal or state authorities, one thing that stands out in this case is the sheer incompetence of the officials involved. Seriously FBI, no matter how black your suits … Continue reading

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Quantum Computers on the Horizon

I kid you not. As this story in Physics World illustrates we are rapidly moving towards building scalable quantum computing devices with reliable error detection mechanisms. I’m jealous of my, as yet imaginary, kids. Can you imagine what a Super … Continue reading

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