Predators in the House

Nothing about these developments is particularly surprising. The world is not built around some human notions of fairness and justice as some might naively hope. Instead it is all about the survival of the hungriest, fiercest and most cunning.

Along these lines comes the news that J. P. Morgan and Chase along with other benevolent financial organizations practices a shell game not very far removed from the sorts that occur on street corners in poor communities across the world.

Citigroup posts a quarterly profit of $2.2 billion. Warming their hands off the burning fires of American and global homeowners and consumers is passe for the good folks at Citi.

“Apps” on Facebook are willy-nilly harvesting your and your friends’ personal information in blatant disregard of any and all “privacy policies”. Of course if you are stupid enough to play farmville, mafia wars or some other cute games thinking that there is no price to pay for that lovely potato patch in your virtual garden then you deserve to be sold degrees from the “University” of Phoenix and body-building tips from Jersey Shore cast members.

What was that VP Biden once sagely remarked: “the arc of history is long, but it always bends towards justice”. Riiiiiiiiight. Cheney, Bush, Ashcroft, Gonzales, Harris and other members of America’s most famous crime family will be long dead before the “arc of history” gets around to bending some justice their way. Meanwhile AG Eric Holder has better things to do, like to continue locking up people making two cents from selling “medical” marijuana. That’s exactly why the first black president appointed the first black attorney general. So that the greatest acts of criminal malfeasance and public fraud in the history of the world – read Iraq + Securities Fraud – go on making their perpetrators truckloads (literally) of benjamins, while honest joes whose greatest crime has been to smoke a doobie during their work break must continue looking over their shoulders for fear of the drug goonies.

Meanwhile, irony of ironies, it remains to a group calling themselves “Canada Free Press” to helpfully point out that “America has outgrown the rule of Law“. No Shit. Sherlock.

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