Bush is gone, but the police-state tactics endure

Another day, more revelations. Apparently the FBI raided raided the homes and offices of anti-war activists in Minneapolis in late September. Much like the Craig Grimes case this story seems to have slipped past the media. Well, maybe we never could rely on corporate media to illuminate the deepest rot at the core of this country’s governance.

YouTube – FBI Raid Victims Get Sympathetic Ear at Klobuchar Office.


NYC demonstration against FBI raids.


On another note, what exactly is Robert Mueller still doing as Director of the FBI? This guy was appointed by George Bush. His tenure started on Sep 4, 2001, exactly one week before 9/11. He has been in office for all the eight Bush years and two of Obama’s now. Is Obama really not interested in dismantling the right-wing power structure or is he, in fact, a toothless tiger?

I understand that the executive must not and cannot interfere with law enforcement. However, when law enforcement has stepped over the line into crazy territory then isn’t it the executive’s responsibility to reign it in? Or have the FBI, DEA and other federal agencies accumulated so much power that they are answerable to no one and no institution?

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