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The WikiHunt continues

Seems like somebody finally helped make up the Swedish prosecutor’s minds regarding the allegations against Mr. Assange. WikiLeaks Founder Assange Faces Swedish Arrest Warrants – Let me quote a passage from the above article: According to accounts the women … Continue reading

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The Audacity of Criminality

So there’s this new ad campaign by JP Morgan & Chase that innocent folks such as myself are being subjected to on the tv and internet. It begins with the words: Being a leader means moving fast … that’s right. … Continue reading

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Dragon Nip

This week’s edition of the Economist has another lovey-dovey article on why Chinese acquisitions are a benign and beneficient form of capitalism. It would seem that the Economist has joined the ranks of the acquired, or at least can’t wait … Continue reading

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Marion Jones IS a performance enhancing drug

I mean that as a compliment. Just watched her on Monday’s Daily Show. That woman has more charisma than you can shake a stick at. Ultimate vindication in such situations can take entire lifetimes. I do not know for certain … Continue reading

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Mysterious cases, naughty commericals and the coming Republican landslide

This experience in blogging has certainly taught me the value of conspiracy theories as powerful readership magnets ! Of course, as the tagline for the amazing AMC show Rubicon says: Not all conspiracies are theories ! In other news I … Continue reading

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