The WikiHunt continues

Seems like somebody finally helped make up the Swedish prosecutor’s minds regarding the allegations against Mr. Assange.

WikiLeaks Founder Assange Faces Swedish Arrest Warrants –

Let me quote a passage from the above article:

According to accounts the women gave to the police and friends, they each had consensual sexual encounters with Mr. Assange that became nonconsensual. One woman said that Mr. Assange had ignored her appeals to stop after a condom broke. The other woman said that she and Mr. Assange had begun a sexual encounter using a condom, but that Mr. Assange did not comply with her appeals to stop when it was no longer in use. Mr. Assange has questioned the veracity of those accounts.

Riiiight. So the Stockholm’s prosecutor’s office wants Assange arrested for what exactly? Condom breakage? And what do the charges say:

Marianne Ny, director of the Stockholm prosecutor’s office, said in a statement that she had moved to have Mr. Assange extradited to Sweden on suspicion of “rape, sexual molestation and unlawful coercion.”

An awful lot of bullshit seems to hang thick in the air above these happenings. First he was charged. Then those charges were withdrawn within 24 hours. Now he’s been again charged again. The alleged victims had “initially been strong supporters of Mr. Assange” according to the article. The encounters in question were consensual in BOTH cases. And these women are pressing charges because in one case “the condom broke” and in the other because “Mr. Assange did not comply with her appeals to stop when it was no longer in use.” I’m sorry. What? This is the basis of charges of “rape”, “sexual molestation” and “unlawful coercion”? I’d like to see how many prosecutors’ offices in the United States would be willing to open cases based on such flimsy accusations.

Can the man be accused of being an asshole? Yes. Is he a dick for not wanting use a condom? Probably. But according to those criteria a large majority of this world’s three billion or so males would qualify for arrest by Interpol. And this in the age of the day-after, nay even the weekend-after pill and numerous other methods of birth control? Does Assange carry any STDs that he might have passed on to these women? If so that could make him liable for a civil suit. But “rape” and “sexual molestation”?

Julian Assange, why did you have to pick a fight with the American military-industrial complex? And if you do have to pick a fight try to use a (kevlar-reinforced) condom the next time !

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