Israeli embassy bombings – terror attacks or false flag operations?

By now everyone has heard of the near simultaneous bombings of Israeli diplomatic vehicles in Delhi, India and Tbilsi, Georgia on what, ironically enough, happens to be “Valentine’s Day”. Of course, Israel as always wishes to paint itself as the victim and Iran as the perpetrator. Before anyone rushes to arm their tomahawk missiles let us list a couple of observations that cast doubt on Israel’s version of events:

  1. India and Russia – of which Georgia is a de facto protectorate – are both Iran’s allies in this situation. Russia because it refuses to authorise Security Council resolutions which would allow the U.S. and Israel to bomb Iran back into the stone age, and India because it refuses to stop buying Iranian crude despite overwhelming pressure to the contrary. It would be odd indeed for Iran or its proxies to commit such acts on the territories of two of its most reliable allies at this critical juncture.
  2. The modus operandi behind these attacks – motorcycle borne assailants employing a magnetic device in the Delhi attack – is identical to that employed in the recent assassination of an Iranian nuclear scientist. Israel had no qualms in indirectly claiming responsibility for that murder. Repeating the same methodology so soon after that attack would indicate that Mossad is getting sloppy, panicky or both. Iran’s refusal to budge under threats and its refusal to respond to provocations such as American ships sailing through the straits of Hormuz might be causing some tension in the camps of those who are impatient for a U.S.-Israeli war against Iran to begin.
  3. There is also the convenient aspect that as is put in the Al-Jazeera article linked to above: Israel had put its foreign missions on high alert ahead of the fourth anniversary this past Sunday of the assassination in Syria of the military mastermind of Hezbollah, Imad Moughniyeh – an attack widely assumed to be the work of Israeli agents. In spook-speak that would be referred to as preparing the groundwork by Israel for an attack on its own assets so as to be able to pin the blame on Iran/Hezbollah. Of course, this is pure speculation on my part.

Indian intelligence agencies are far more capable than casual observers such as myself and can probably divine the true nature of these attacks. All I can say is that it would be the most foolish move in the history of geopolitics for Iran to commit such an act less than a kilometer from the residence of the Prime Minister of what is one of its strongest and last remaining allies – the Republic of India. If Iran is indeed responsible for these attacks then they deserve whatever hell is wrought upon them by American weaponry. If not, then Iran’s enemies have committed their greatest blunder yet amongst all their blundering attempts to set the stage for a war with Iran.

Know the truth and the truth shall set your free!

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1 Response to Israeli embassy bombings – terror attacks or false flag operations?

  1. one thing is for sure…in this dirty game we will never really know the truth……..six of one and half a dozen of the other is about the closest you can ever come…………neither side is more or less evil than the other as far as im concerned…..

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