Rahul’s Big Entrance – Hit or Flop?

I waited longer than usual before seeing what Rahul Gandhi had to say in his much talked about speech and how he said it. With all the hysteria and hyperbole naturally associated with this event, I wanted to wait a bit before the noise died down so I could see his speech without distracting comments from either side. I wanted to see for my own eyes as to what degree he was “emotional” and “genuine” (as Congress might have it) as opposed to “staid” and “manufactured” (the BJP talking point). It is obvious that the BJP would have nothing positive to say about him and that, likewise, we would hear nothing negative from Congress. We can’t find the truth if we rely on their versions. We have to see it for ourselves. You have to see if for yourself.

Rahul Gandhi’s speech in Chintan Shivir, Jaipur – YouTube.

I just did.

I also have a clear opinion as to how his speech went and to what I can gather about him personally and about his political and rhetorical talents. But I won’t share those thoughts with you, at the moment. Some readers might have some idea of my leanings from reading my earlier posts. Try much as I can to keep a neutral point of view, it is inevitable that any commentator, me included, must at the end of the day, come down on behalf of one side or the other. Though, that is not my point! My point is …

See it for yourself, then decide

And in my next post or the one after, when I feel that I have given you ample time to do so (!), I will subject you to hearing what I have to say. Till then, adios!

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