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  1. Justin Case says:

    What happened to the Craig Grimes story? What happened to Craig Grimes?

    • admin says:

      Hi Justin. Good question. While the story itself was worth writing up because it received no attention in the local media, I made the cardinal error of inserting my own prejudices in it towards the end. That sort of thing probably compelled one reader to ask: if the post was a “parody” or if perhaps I was “insane”. In any case, at the time I felt that I didn’t want my blog to receive attention only because of that one post so I deleted it. In retrospect it was a hasty decision, since the facts of the story are not in dispute. There was a raid and it was not covered by the press. An explanation would be a good thing for those who care for civil liberties and such. I looked and I can’t find the original post. If I could I would restore it with some edits and explanations. I’d like to think, though, that I did my part in getting the word out about that event. There are people more qualified than me who can look into in this story in greater detail if they wish. There are many other issues which need my attention and which are more important than the Craig Grimes’ story. Cheers.

  2. newsman says:

    There are some news about Craig Grimes. There was a DOE investigation against Grimes with the final outcome that there was scientific misconduct. That prompted the firing of Grimes from Penn State last year. During all these investigations, Grimes was probably applying for a position at Texas Tech. There was an official announcement from Texas Tech on their success in attracting top “talent” (see http://today.ttu.edu/2010/06/texas-tech-names-7-5-million-endowed-chair/). This deal fell apart after the conclusion of ethics investigation and the firing of Grimes from Penn State.

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