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The Audacity of Criminality

So there’s this new ad campaign by JP Morgan & Chase that innocent folks such as myself are being subjected to on the tv and internet. It begins with the words: Being a leader means moving fast … that’s right. … Continue reading

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Dragon Nip

This week’s edition of the Economist has another lovey-dovey article on why Chinese acquisitions are a benign and beneficient form of capitalism. It would seem that the Economist has joined the ranks of the acquired, or at least can’t wait … Continue reading

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Its Fight Club all over again

Banks at it again. This thing is like a hydra, a many headed monster. Seriously, at this stage the only visible solution is for these big banks – BoA, JPMorgan, Citi, and a few others – to be taken apart … Continue reading

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Predators in the House

Nothing about these developments is particularly surprising. The world is not built around some human notions of fairness and justice as some might naively hope. Instead it is all about the survival of the hungriest, fiercest and most cunning. Along … Continue reading

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The fractal beauty of life

Benoit Mandelbrot, mathematician, scientist, troublemaker, passed away today at the age of 86. One of my greatest inspirations as a child, he had the courage and insight to look for new laws and new forms of organization in the messiest … Continue reading

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Foreclosures, Hate Crimes and Corporate Makeovers

A quick update on some of the more interesting stories in the NYTimes today. A few days ago I had mentioned some recent developments in the ongoing foreclosure wars. Today the Times has a leading story on this issue. Written … Continue reading

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Good news on the Foreclosure front

It appears that in the rush towards securitization of mortgages and other crucial investments, the big players created a weak system whose critical legal shortcomings may ultimately undermine any claims they may have on millions of homes nationwide. There is … Continue reading

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