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The Security That Never Was

In the annals of stupid moves this one ranks high. John Pistole’s decision, to not expose the new “super” scanners to public scrutiny and commentary before putting them in use, alone disqualifies him from any job in the Federal government. … Continue reading

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The WikiHunt continues

Seems like somebody finally helped make up the Swedish prosecutor’s minds regarding the allegations against Mr. Assange. WikiLeaks Founder Assange Faces Swedish Arrest Warrants – Let me quote a passage from the above article: According to accounts the women … Continue reading

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Bush is gone, but the police-state tactics endure

Another day, more revelations. Apparently the FBI raided raided the homes and offices of anti-war activists in Minneapolis in late September. Much like the Craig Grimes case this story seems to have slipped past the media. Well, maybe we never … Continue reading

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I, Incompetent ?, Spy

Apart from all the constitutional and privacy issues regarding such activities by federal or state authorities, one thing that stands out in this case is the sheer incompetence of the officials involved. Seriously FBI, no matter how black your suits … Continue reading

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The dangers of closed source code

An excerpt from an excellent blog post about the weaknesses of the flash player installed in every browser on every PC in the world – except for the ones who don’t watch Youtube, and how many is that again? Snow … Continue reading

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Wiretap this !

Police work, good old-fashioned police work, seems to have fallen out of favor of today’s bureaucrats who would much rather eavesdrop on any conversation they wish to at the click of a button. There is the news from the US … Continue reading

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