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The China Question, Part 2.1, Murky Maldivean Waters

Are the external affairs Gods listening to what I have to say? In a recent blog post, I had argued that the present turbulent state of affairs in the Maldives was a manifestation of the India-China “big-power” rivalry currently underway … Continue reading

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Delhi Police 101

The Delhi Police Department is probably one of the most corrupt, venal and ineffective police departments anywhere in India, or for that matter in the world. The inconsiderate behavior, thug tactics and plain out criminal collusion of members of Delhi … Continue reading

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Who are the real (copyright) thieves?

The term “copyright” has been largely reduced to being an oxymoron in a world where intellectual property thieves (e.g., Elsevier, Physical Review, Science, Nature, etc.) can pretend to be the victims of copyright theft, when in fact, it is they … Continue reading

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“Over and Over, like a monkey with a miniature symbol

…. the joy of repetition is really in you.” Or so it would seem with the conduct of US policy in Afghanistan. Counterterrorist Pursuit Team: 3,000 Man CIA Paramilitary Force Hunts Militants In Afghanistan, Pakistan First they train the Mujahideen … Continue reading

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Storm in a “Tea” Cup

For those who fear a Republican landslide in this November’s mid-term elections let me recall some words from Obama’s 2009 Inaugural address: What the cynics fail to understand is that the ground has shifted beneath them—that the stale political arguments … Continue reading

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The tyranny of publishing houses

What justification do companies such as Elsevier have for putting some of the most important papers in theoretical physics of the past half century behind pay firewalls? None, whatsoever. Take for example the following paper by Edward Witten, written in … Continue reading

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Hello world!

WordPress was kind enough to supply the title of my very first blog post ever, and it seems quite appropriate. However I thought it would be seemly to let WordPress write the first post on my blog. So why this … Continue reading

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If a tree falls …

If I create a blog on the internet and it has no readers (other than me), then does it still exist ? Such is my dilemma. Here I am spewing out my stories and creativity and it feels like I’m … Continue reading

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