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True Lies – A Critique of Jeffrey Beall

A few observations regarding Dr. Jeffrey Beall and his website scholarlyoa.com. At first sight scholarlyoa.com appears to perform a commendable public service – exposing corrupt practices of self-declared “publishing groups” which try to capitalize on the open-access model for their … Continue reading

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Who are the real (copyright) thieves?

The term “copyright” has been largely reduced to being an oxymoron in a world where intellectual property thieves (e.g., Elsevier, Physical Review, Science, Nature, etc.) can pretend to be the victims of copyright theft, when in fact, it is they … Continue reading

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Copyrighting Insanity

So this recent blog post on Tech Review had me scratching my head in puzzlement. To quote from this very illuminating post’s bottomline: the DOJ is publicly expressing dissatisfaction with a revised settlement between Google and publishers, a settlement it … Continue reading

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