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Thomas Friedman is a Pompous Fool

I don’t usually read Thomas Friedman’s editorials in the NYTimes. As the title says I don’t have a great deal of faith in his intellect. Its not that he is not smart. I’m sure he’s summa cum laude from Harvard … Continue reading

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The Security That Never Was

In the annals of stupid moves this one ranks high. John Pistole’s decision, to not expose the new “super” scanners to public scrutiny and commentary before putting them in use, alone disqualifies him from any job in the Federal government. … Continue reading

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Predators in the House

Nothing about these developments is particularly surprising. The world is not built around some human notions of fairness and justice as some might naively hope. Instead it is all about the survival of the hungriest, fiercest and most cunning. Along … Continue reading

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The “Vast Right-Wing Conpiracy” Revealed

The billionaire Koch brothers’ war against Obama : The New Yorker. A very well researched article on the relationship between Koch Industries and the various Tea Party organizations such as Americans for Prosperity. Jane Mayer is not shy about revealing … Continue reading

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